• kano analysis template

Kano model is an analysis tool used for product development and customer satisfaction. Our kano model template for PowerPoint visually represents the three major elements of customer expectations and their responses towards a product/service. It assumes that customers do not always know what they want. They are not able to explain their needs. So, a company tries to understand the three types of customer needs to make better products by knowing customer needs. Here is the importance of kano model analysis. Through kano model evaluations, you can thoroughly understand customers’ needs.

Noriaki Kano developed the Kano model customer analysis in 1980. By this, you can classify customer needs. Dr. Noriaki Kano has been bringing forth three types of attributes to products/services. These are Threshold Attributes, Performance Attributes, and Excitement Attributes. A visual graph represents all these three attributes. This kano model template will clearly show the three elements as a graph. Besides, the users can also explain the concept using the column ppt template.

Threshold Attributes: these are basic expectations when a customer wants to buy a product\service. For example, when you book a Bike, you expect high mileage sudden pickups at an absolute minimum.

Performance Attributes: these elements will increase customer satisfaction though it is not necessary. For example, you will be happier when your Bike has mobile charge sockets or disk brakes instead of drum brakes.

Excitement Attributes: if your product/service comprises surprising elements, you will get a competitive edge. At the same time, the customer will be more delighted with these excitements. For example, when a customer gets a gift box, your enjoyment is on the air.

Kano model PowerPoint template is the best evaluation tool for marketers to fulfill customers' needs. The template contains 6 variant designs in 3 formats. You can provide a captivating PowerPoint presentation using the PowerPoint graph. Also, try out our customer satisfaction and product development templates.