SOAR Model PowerPoint Template and Keynote

SOAR model powerpoint template and keynote is a psychological tool to analyze Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results. It borrows from SWOT concept but there are so many differences in the assessment. SOAR model is an adaption of SWOT analysis. It’s a strategic planning technique which helps organizations focus on their current strengths and opportunities, and create a vision of future aspiration and the result they will bring. In contrast to SWOT analysis SOAR model is emphasize on what is known to work rather than the internal weakness or threats. It assessed through the aspirations and measurable results. SOAR model is a working template that can use at an operational level. It is more comprehensive and focusing on the practicality of the measureable results. It brings forth a clear cut solution to a general problem.

SOAR model template for PowerPoint and Keynote is useful in business and career development presentation. It is focusing on factors approach; it removes the negative factors like threats and weakness. The aim of the SOAR framework is to chart a strategic planning method based on the expansion of opportunities and Strengths to meet Results targeting the management Aspirations. The major functions of the SOAR model are:

  • To plan an individual’s career or develop their performance plan
  • To explore new initiatives
  • To focus and redirect efforts and resources
  • To develop strategic plan and during annual strategy reviews
  • As part of a leadership development program

The sphere of soar analysis involves; all industries, existing and new business, all levels of an organization, striving companies, students and other individuals they are weaving development plans. In short, soar analysis is a good option for all individuals and organizations, regardless to position and level.

SOAR model PowerPoint template contains six individual slides that can be used to highlight each concept separately. The users can change the color combination and shapes of the PowerPoint template. This SOAR model template PowerPoint slide can be used to present the soar model to your audience.