• SWOT Analysis Template for PowerPoint
  • SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template

SWOT Analysis Template for PowerPoint

SWOT analysis is an evaluative technique used to assess a company’s competitive position and to develop strategic planning. SWOT analysis PowerPoint template is a creative slide using the column style depiction for the presentation. SWOT is an acronym stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and threats. At a glance, we can see there is 1:1 proportion of positive and negative elements. Strength and Opportunities are the positive elements and the Weakness and threat are the negative elements. These two factors are internal and external, as well as current and future potential. Strength and weakness are the internal factors whereas opportunities and threats are the external factors. A company has both. The PowerPoint for SWOT analysis could be used in any business such as part of change management, strategic planning, marketing model or handling the staff. Company evaluates its SWOT position to understand their strengths and weakness. Further, it assists to identify external threats and how to exploit the available opportunities.

SWOT analysis template for PowerPoint presentation is widely used in corporates and other SMEs to identify the challenging factors. Individual level analysis can be evaluated using the SWOT technique. So, psychologists and career consultants can use the SWOT slide to display evaluation methods and how it positively influences the individual life. The companies examine their external and internal competences for stern strategy formulation. Similarly, individuals can frame their career by understanding themselves; they can find their right port using the evaluation report. Business professionals can use the SWOT analysis as a component of business plan. While starting a new venture business startups should evaluate their capabilities using the SWOT framework.

SWOT analysis ppt template is a simple diagram for PowerPoint presentation. It has four segments with little color schemes. In this diagram users have two text options. One is on the surface of the diagram and other is placed on the right side. Designers used same color combination in both textual areas. If the user wants to fill more colors in the diagram they can do it with the help of color fill option menu. The editable SWOT analysis template ensures audience attention with the simple visual graphics. You can also download the SWOT analysis template ppt here.