• SWOT Analysis Template for PowerPoint

This swot analysis template ppt is one of many templates available in Slidebazaar and can be used to present findings of SWOT analysis during presentations. This SWOT analysis PowerPoint template features a minimal square-grid design where each corner represents the 4 aspects of SWOT analysis. In the right side, 4 textbox placeholders are provided to add more content. The textboxes are color-coded to avoid confusion and ensure clarity. The design and infographic are designed to be non-intrusive to audience can get straight to the highlights. Also, the minimum design makes it easy to insert it into any existing deck without making major edits to the slide. Check out our swot powerpoint template gallery.

Doing SWOT analysis entails listing out the strengths, weakness, opportunities, and weaknesses of an organization/person/situation/product/entity and sharing them with the entire audience. This analysis helps map out the competitive landscape and helps assess not only new opportunities but also reveals weaknesses or threats that could otherwise remain hidden. It's a very versatile tool that is ideal for strategic planning, business reviews, product launches, competitive analysis and general decision making. It can be done interactively with your audience or otherwise.

This template can be used by anyone who's trying to create strategy and is thus often used by business professionals, managers, consultants, entrepreneurs, startups, students, and educators.

If you're planning to use this swot analysis template ppt; PESTEL analysis template, porter's five forces analysis templates and Business model canvas templates are few other templates that serve the same purpose and are often used to create strategic business analysis. Also, check out our swot table and free swot analysis template ppt.