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  • SWOT Analysis Template for PowerPoint

SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template

SWOT analysis PowerPoint template is crafted for professional presentation linked with business and personal issues. SWOT analysis is an evaluation tool that asses both internal and external factors contributing success and failure. This template provides an attractive 3D slide with special effects. It is ideal for analyzing company’s internal and external factors. SWOT analysis will help you to develop a strong business strategy by analyzing the strength and weakness as well as the opportunities and threats it faces in the marketplace. It is an organized list of your company’s strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. This analysis comprised both internal and external factors that determine business success and failure. Strengths and weaknesses are internal to the company. You can change it by deliberate efforts or by strategy planning. Whereas opportunities and threats are external you can manage these only to a certain extent.

The PowerPoint SWOT analysis could be used in any business such as part of change management, strategic planning or marketing model. It aids to understand threats and how to exploit the available opportunities. SWOT analysis can be incorporated with PEST analysis when analyzing the external factors of your business. For example, political regulations and new technological arrivals may become threats for your industry, if you are not coping with the new technology. Besides, SWOT template for PowerPoint is ideal for personal and career analysis with the in-depth enquiry about your SWOT. So, it is an outstanding concept, which provides simple analysis techniques.

SWOT template for PowerPoint presentation contains four text fields. The slide is available in two backgrounds. This SWOY diagram slide comes with excellent combination of colors and Letters. The Letter layout is outstanding with the 3d effect. It is useful for professors and students to display the concepts through poster presentation or banner presentation. Slide bazaar gallery contains number of SWOT ppt template because of the prominence of the topic. You can download anyone among them for an inspirational presentation.

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