6 M Analysis Template is a problem-solving PowerPoint slideshow depicted as a circular flow process diagram. 6M denotes the six techniques used to analyze entire process issues. 6 M stands for; Manpower, Method, Machine, Material, Milieu, and Measurement. This template is ideal for doing 6M analysis in production and manufacturing and helps find out the root causes of a problem. So it is considered as the root cause analysis technique like fishbone analysis. This 6m analysis template can be used to determine the possible impact of each solution and the difficulty of applying the solution. 6M methodology of problem-solving is usually considered for the manufacturing industry. So, manufactures can analyze operational implications of process implementation using the 6M of production analysis.


Each component of the 6 M analysis template help categorize problem and allow taking separate decisions to solve a persisting problem. This is a two-slide presentation template usable for simple PowerPoint presentations up to 6 steps.