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Create stunning slides while saving hours of work with SlideBazaar’s PowerPoint Add-In.

*Only supported on Windows. For now.

SlideBazaar Plugin

One PowerPoint Add-In to Do It All.

SlideBazaar’s PowerPoint plugin can help you improve your productivity and create better presentations. Browse and select presentation templates, easily edit them and create beautiful slides faster than ever, without ever leaving PowerPoint.


Choose from thousands of templates, themes, illustrations, and dashboards.


Easily add elements, icons, flags, maps into your presentations with just a click.

shape creator-plugin

Use the Replicator to easily replicate shapes – and create custom designs in seconds.


Add sticky notes for reference, to improve workflow, especially during collaboration.


Use the Format Tools to customize your presentations the way you want.


Save your custom slides and reuse them again later to save time!

Choose between template variations in the SlideBazaar PowerPoint plugin

Choose between pre-designed template variations.


Need help? One click takes you to our help and support page.


Need customized slides? Contact us with your requirements with just a click.

How to get started:


Download the plugin.


Install the setup file.


Open PowerPoint.


Click the SlideBazaar Tab.


Login using your credentials.


And you’re ready to go!


How is this add-in helpful?

This PowerPoint add-in lets you browse through a ton of presentation resources and lets you add them to your slides with just a click. You can easily format shapes, and add charts, graphs, diagrams and more without ever having to leave PowerPoint. The add-in lets you create custom slides easily, and even save them to use them again later. This saves you a ton of time, decreases distractions and ultimately, helps you get more work done in less time.

I do not have a SlideBazaar membership, how can I use this add-in?

You can use the free templates available in the add-in and use its features with a free account by signing up for our newsletter here. To access the premium templates, you will need to have a paid membership which you can get here.

How do I get a paid membership?

Click here to get a paid membership and get access to the premium templates inside our PowerPoint add-in.

What is the compatibility of the add-in?

The add-in is compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11, and on Office 365.

How to install SlideBazaar’s PowerPoint add-in?

Download the plugin.
Install the downloaded file.
Open PowerPoint (or restart it).
Click on the SlideBazaar button in the ribbon menu.
Login using your SlideBazaar credentials.
And you’re ready to go!

The plugin does not seem to appear after installing it. What’s wrong?

Please try restarting your PowerPoint. If the problem still exists, contact us for support here.

Try out SlideBazaar’s PowerPoint add-in for free.

and never get stuck on a blank slide again!
PowerPoint addin available only for Windows Operating System