• business SWOT analysis PowerPoint template and keynote

Business SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template

There may be thousand of SWOT analysis template over internet, but our business SWOT analysis PowerPoint template is the most suitable template to precisely deliver the SWOT topics. For starting up a new project, the first thing that comes is strategic planning. When it comes to strategic planning, SWOT Analysis is a crucial step. SWOT is the abbreviation of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

  1. Strength: These are the characters that give you an advantage over other products in the market. They can be the features of your product or organisation. It also should be unique.
  2. Weakness: These factors can reduce your market strength. Improvements in these factors can make you ahead of the competitors.
  3. Opportunities: These are the factors which let your business grow.
  4. Threat: These are the external factors that affect your business. These factors can be new regulations, new competitors, economic factors etc.

These Four factors examine your business resources and understand the weak points. It’s an analysis to see where you stand. SWOT Analysis examines these factors for business, project or any other objectives. This analysis helps in identifying the internal or external factors that may support or hinder in achieving the goal. SWOT Analysis aids in business planning, competitors’ evaluation, marketing, strategic planning etc. Product and Marketing teams can use SWOT Analysis for strategic planning to check the product performance, where it can improve, how it can survive in the competitive market.

SWOT Analysis can assist a business to be more competitive when it comes to business decisions. SWOT PowerPoint template visualises Pros and Cons which is useful for making business decisions. Most of SWOT templates come in four main shapes each for one factor. SWOT analysis PowerPoint template can visually present the complex analysis data to the team members with ease. Visual representation of data makes the information more accessible and retaining.

The middle of the template has a SWOT Circle. Below SWOT there are four squares which are connected to the SWOT circle using dotted lines. Each of the squares describes the factors of SWOT. Our stunning infographic Business SWOT Analysis template, can represent the SWOT factors in an incredible format and with relevant text areas to add details. Specially designed SWOT template comes with multiple editing options. The objects are fully customisable. The user can change the theme, background colours. If you want your Business SWOT Analysis presentation to be eye-catching and ensure maximum customer engagement, then we have the perfect collection to meet your needs. You can download the SWOT analysis table from our massive collection of powerpoint slides.