• force field analysis template

Force field analysis PowerPoint template and keynote template is commonly used to present decision making process and skills, particularly, planning and implementing change management strategies in business and other organizations and helps to analyze the factors that contribute to or check a change. The tool can help the user with logical reasoning behind any decision. It is used by business professionals and academic scholars as a guide toward the right decision making. Business and personal life required to make decisions under time stress and extreme pressure. Each and every man has experienced two major issues in their whole life; one is decision making and the other is problem-solving. Decision making needs extensive thinking and analyzing processes, explore the root cause of the issue and collecting relevant data and analysing future consequences twice. For exact decisions people or organizations should have better knowledge about the strength and weaknesses hence, decision making requires the perception of psychological elements of the subject and object.

Force field analysis PowerPoint template helps to evaluate options and possible consequences. Decision-makers try to understand at least 10 consequences after a move like chess games. The pros and cons of decisions can be illustrated with this powerpoint template. Which factor is contributing to change and which factor hinders the change management of an organization can be depicted. All the forces or factors in support of the change can be listed in a column that is in blue colour, whereas all forces working against the change can be listed on the right side is filled with red colour. The finding ideas and upgrading suggestions can be illustrated in centre text areas, factors like time and resources can also be included and also project the calculated risk. Forcefield analysis PowerPoint design is suitable for business concepts. However, it can be used to discuss personal changes or undertakings. The colour codes and the shapes are fully customizable. Users can download and attach business decision making metaphor PowerPoint and keynote template and rock the presentation.