• Trade Off Analysis Process PowerPoint Template
  • Trade Off Analysis Process PowerPoint Templates

The tradeoff analysis process powerpoint template is a zig-zag timeline ppt showing six tradeoff analysis elements. The tradeoff is a choice selection decision-making process choosing between several alternatives. Every selection involves losing some other things. It is a decision to choose one over the other. The tradeoff is based on the assessment of opportunity cost. Deciding which product/service to buy is difficult if you have several choices. You should give up something when a purchase occurs. This something is called opportunity cost. The tradeoff analysis is common in business decision-making, where a choice is presented. It is widely used in B2B business with standard qualitative techniques. The users can show techniques of trade-off analysis using the process powerpoint template.

The tradeoff analysis template for powerpoint presentation is a process diagram design that contains six components of tradeoff analysis, including topics such as understanding the requirement and objective, defining criteria from different scenarios, setting the scores of metrics value, defining the final alternatives, setting the criteria weights according to the metrics, and analyze the output of total result and take the decision. These are the common attributes for tradeoff analysis. It is fit for business and individual decisions making. This is a stepwise analysis to balance preferences related to different classes of requirements.

The tradeoff analysis process template is a common powerpoint theme created in process flow design. The circle timeline design is a zig-zag layout that integrates a curved arch diagram as a wave pattern. Each circle has quality infographics that may be compatible with the presentation topic. You can add topic-related metaphors if you want to replace the default icons. Similarly, the color combinations are changeable with a halftone mix. The six-step process template allows any presentation with quick views. The presenters can impress the audience and compile tradeoff analysis techniques in this generic powerpoint design. Check out more process flow templates.