• competitive analysis framework

Competitive analysis framework for PowerPoint presentation: It is a table diagram with simple graphical images usable for comparing competitive trends you are facing from nearest market rivals. A competitive analysis is an approach to find major competitors and research their products, sales, and marketing strategies. If you have a specific competitive analysis strategy, you can create solid business strategies that help improve sales and company financial status. In addition, without knowing the source of marketing competition, you can't frame a system that put your company resilient from creative business attacks. So, this is an important part of the company's marketing strategy.

The two slides of competitive analysis PowerPoint were created for exclusive business presentation on competition and to report the analysis outcome in simple pricing table design. Competitive analysis is a must practice helps understand what is going on here and near and frame sales and marketing strategies. The competition pushes the companies to increase sales, which results in a price drop, improvements in quality, the launch of substitute products, etc. A competitor analysis PowerPoint template aid organizes data research for simple learning. Conducting competitive analysis and collecting the investigation into a framework can help business professionals present competitive data in an organized way.

Competitive analysis framework PowerPoint template is a minimal diagram for marketing presentation. This table ppt contains charts of company-specific competition, target customer competition columns, product-specific columns, and a column comparing your market positioning. You can insert data from up to five competitors, including product strengths, weaknesses, customer attitudes and more. You can create roadmap development designs by altering columns, size, and shape. Moreover, you can download competitive analysis framework designs for multiple uses. The infographic is entirely customizable; the presenter can restructure the slide elements to create a visually appealing presentation to grab the audience's attention quickly.