• hofstede cultural dimensions ppt

Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions Framework for PowerPoint is a comparison slide design that shows six steps of Geert Hofstede’s cultural explanations in business contexts. This is a psychology theory that tries to understand cultural differences across countries. Hofstede’s theory unleashes differences between different cultures and how individuals behave in business settings. He says a contrast of cultures impacts differently in a business setting. It assesses the impact of different cultures, their dimensions, and how it influences communications. This theory was created in the 1980s after studying different nationalities at IBM. Our comparison template displays six dimensions in Hofstede’s culture framework, including Power Distance Index, Individualism Versus Collectivism, Masculinity Versus Femininity, Uncertainty Avoidance Index, Long Versus Short-Term Orientation, and Indulgence Versus Restraint.

  • Power Distance Index – if Power Distance scales high, it refers to people who are like to tolerate inequity in power distribution. Low Power distance means people don't like inequality; they would like to share responsibilities in business settings.
  • Individualism/Collectivism - individualism denotes greater importance for personal goals, and collectivism scales greater significance of the group's well-being and teamwork. A high IDV score shows weak interpersonal connection. So, business settings may have communication barriers.
  • Masculinity/Femininity – this dimension indicates the values of society. Role determination can scale up with this dimension. Masculinism considers assertiveness, heroism, and material rewards, while femininity refers to the care, quality of life, corporation, etc.
  • Uncertainty avoidance - The uncertainty avoidance index scales the extent to which uncertainty and obscurity are tolerated. It refers to how you can deal with the unknown situation and unexpected events in the workplace.
  • Time orientation – it means how society focuses its time horizon. For example, long-term orientation emphasizes the future, whereas short-term orientation focuses on the near future.
  • Indulgence/Restraint – refers to the extent and propensity of society to meet its desires.

Hofstede’s cultural dimensions PowerPoint template is a comparison chart showing each cultural difference level in a visually appealing design. Use the multipurpose template for comparison slideshows. Also, try out our marketing mix templates.