• APQC Process Classification Framework PowerPoint Template
  • APQC Process Classification Framework PowerPoint Templates

APQC Process Classification Template is a process PowerPoint for an educational presentation showing one of the most popular process classification frameworks. It allows business professionals to discuss benchmarks and organize work. APQC is a hierarchical list of business processes that include 13 high-level categories of work. Each of these breaks down that work into increasingly granular components or levels called Process Group, Process, Activity, and Task. This APQC process classification is a copyrighted framework showing six PCF levels featuring Operating processes, management, and support services. The process chart contains two sections: a process flow diagram powerpoint on the top and a hierarchical column design beneath.

The APQC Process Classification PowerPoint Template contains the Operating process in the linear PowerPoint. These are developing vision and strategy and management of products and services, marketing and selling products and services, delivering physical products, delivering services, and managing customer service. All these points can be seen in the color powerpoint vector charts in the sequential flow. While management and support services can be in the greyed column, the design contains seven points.

The APQC Process Classification Template for PowerPoint presentation is an editable chart showing the concept with relationships. Our designers professionally created this PCF framework of APQC for easy understanding of the business process model. The users can change color codes and texts if they need a different presentation using the same process template PowerPoint. Professionals can conveniently use the Slides for business discussions and process improvement meetings. Besides, the users can customize the slides with all PowerPoint versions, Google Slides, and Keynote. So, download and try it today!