• Cage Framework

CAGE framework is a business concept that discusses the essential information you need to gather when expanding your business into other countries or new markets. What differences have you seen in the new market when comparing your current markets? Cage analysis is created on four pillars. This includes cultural, administrative, geographic, and Economic differences. You could do well in your new market if you collected information about the pillars described above. Cage distance frameworks give desired returns if you effectively analyze unique needs. Your new market may be in a different geographical location with varying living patterns and economic situations. So, you should carefully frame your business strategies according to the peculiarities of the new market.

Cage model framework template for PowerPoint presentation is a table ppt design in the column layout. The two-slide exhibition comprised five-column ppt layouts in dark, medium, and light blue color combinations. Each section describes the CAGE framework in detail. Here, you can put your collected data in the columns prescribed for Country A and Country B. all the distances such as Cultural distance, Administrative distance, Geographic distance, and Economic distance may be put under each column in detail. For example, suppose you collected Economic distance; you can set the special economic conditions of the new market on the prescribed column. Likewise, each point could be inserted into the rest of the columns.

The cage analysis template for PowerPoint could be a substitute presentation model for the EPRG framework template. Though the concept has the difference, it also has many similarities. For academic comparisons, business professionals and teachers can use both templates to explain the similarities and differences between the CAGE and EPRG frameworks. Besides, the presenters can alter size, structure, and color codes using personalization options. If you have zero designing skills, Microsoft PowerPoint and our pre-made business templates never put you into design difficulties. Download business templates to describe business concepts.