The competitor analysis PowerPoint template is a set of amazing data charts that will easily communicate the ingredients of competitive analysis of a business. A competitive analysis is an approach where you find major competitors and research their products, sales, and marketing strategies. By doing this, you can create solid business strategies that help improve sales and companies' financial status. The 23 slides of the competitive PowerPoint template were created for exclusive business presentation on the ground of competition and to report the analysis outcome with graphical representations. Competitive analysis is a must practice to understand current market situations and for framing sales and marketing strategies. Competition is termed as the rivalry between companies selling the same product or services with the aim of achieving maximum revenue, market share, or profit. The competition encourages the companies to increase sales, which results in the price drop, improvements in quality, the launch of substitute products, etc.
The competitive analysis PowerPoint template contains many slides of data representations that include:

• An introduction slide with animated PowerPoint objects
• Bullet point template for the goal of competitor analysis
• SWOT analysis PowerPoint diagram
• poster timeline ppt template with detailed text zones
• semi-circle arch diagram for competitive analysis
• infographics for identifying competitors template
• on-page analysis circular diagram
• Bar chart ppt for Backlink and PR analysis
• infographics for Ranking of Competitors
• Pie diagram PowerPoint for competitor Traffic Analysis
• Line graph infographic template for Benchmarking Competitors

All these slides have duplicates either in a white background or in black background. That will help to make different types of visuals on the same pitches. Both colour combinations create different looks at the templates so the audience will feel a different appeal when using the colour changes. The template is entirely customizable; the presenter can reorganize the elements of the slide to create a visually appealing presentation to grab the audience's attention quickly. Be proactive and prepare yourself for challenging business presentations with our comparison competitor PowerPoint template.