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Gap analysis strategic planning template: use the most-modern technical analysis charts and graph PowerPoint diagrams to present your business’s current and future state evaluation. Gap analysis is the process businesses use to analyze their recent performance with their preferred, anticipated performance. This study determines whether it is meeting expectations and using its resources effectively. Gap analysis is a hypothetical comparison using logical and scientific methodologies to assess actual performance versus potential. Gap analysis is widely used to plan business strategies across companies.

The gap analysis template comprises 12 slides created with blue and black shade effects. It includes different concepts of gap analysis to present academically and give after an analysis done by the businesses. The gap analysis PowerPoint template includes the following:

  • Introduction template featuring gap analysis strategic planning
  • What is a gap analysis template showing the gap
  • Current state and future state slide
  • The basic process of the gap analysis diagram
  • The benefit of gap analysis as a bullet point PowerPoint
  • Gap analysis matrix
  • Advantages and disadvantages of gap analysis
  • The basic process of gap analysis PowerPoint
  • Strategic gap analysis graph
  • Circular PowerPoint showing stages of gap analysis
  • Gap analysis diagram chart showing potential and performance
  • Flow chart featuring different types of gap analysis

Gap analysis strategic planning template for PowerPoint presentation is best for displaying market trends and opportunities. The presenters can use edit options to insert PowerPoint icons and graphical images. Besides, you can use the text areas to print facts and figures without losing the image quality. Try out our massive collection of powerpoint templates.