• Manpower Planning Concept for PowerPoint

Manpower Planning Concept for PowerPoint

Manpower planning concept template is a HR PowerPoint slide created to view the employee work performance and demographic statistics. Manpower refers to the number of people who are working in the company. The presentation lets the human resource personnel to analyze the state of the current labor force. The human resource department can use it to present the required capacity of the company and how to reach the ideal levels. The PowerPoint slides contain graphs and charts. These show a graphical representation of the company demographic. The template includes a slide with a pictograph chart.

The workforce planning template represents a certain type of employee compared to the general workforce, working in the same way as percentages. A bar chart located in one of the slides can show the employee turnover rates for a specific time period. This data is relevant in reflecting employee benefits to keep turnover and attrition low. Another slide is picture-perfect for comparing employee statistics between male and female employees. The use of this slide can act as pointers for the balance in the labor force and for headcount analysis. The presenter can use the last two slides to present dynamic statistical data about employee performance assessments, showing the scores of competences. These areas can include precision, swiftness, efficiency, and turnover rate.

The 10 slide presentation for manpower planning concept PowerPoint template is a conceptual diagram showing the workforce statistics with the assistance of charts and self-explanatory PowerPoint graphics. This exclusive creation mainly focuses on HR professionals to produce employee benefit schemes as well as leadership concepts. To achieve company goals and objectives, employee’s benefits are crucial and extremely important.The employee performance evaluation reports can be easily demonstrated with this manpower planning ppt template. Besides, the slide is ideal for creating team member performance with statistics for project improvements.