• Speedometer Concept Template for PowerPoint and Keynote
  • Speedometer Concept Template

Speedometer Concept Template for PowerPoint and Keynote Slide Presentation

Speedometer concept template is a business model PowerPoint to present different values of a phenomenon or a model. It is fit to show risk profiling of investors. Most often, this kind of speedometers is widely using to gauge the degree of risks. Therefore, the PowerPoint template can be used to show the inherent risks in mutual fund investment. Like all other investment options, mutual funds also come with a certain degree of risk. This speedometer PowerPoint is appropriate for weighing risks before investing and also to calculate the returns in a course of time. This PowerPoint can show the three risk levels in an investing. So we can call this device a riskometer instead of speedometer.

The different level of risks can be classified into, low risk, moderate risk and high risk. These three levels can be illustrated by using the speedometer metaphor PowerPoint template. Additionally, risk factors in equity investment and business investment can be shown here. Because the investment decisions are usually based on investors desire to take risks. The matured and retired person always likes to invest in low risk category, whereas youth would like to invest in high risk sectors like equities. This PowerPoint tools is suitable for multipurpose presentation.

Speedometer Concept Template is a nice presentation template with three speedometer shapes in the slide design that you can use to show any preferred value of your project levels. A speedometer is usually used in vehicles to measure and keep track of their speed. In this template, the speedometer becomes a tool to measure and keep track of reports, reviews etc. You can easily rotate the needle to match any value and edit the values in the accompanying slot. A simple description can also support your values in the Speedometer which is available in three different shades. Speedometer Concept PowerPoint template is useful to make business & performance presentations. This can be utilized as a visual representation of the overall rating of your organization in terms of employee performance, customer satisfaction, or financial turnover. The Speedometer Concept Template is available as PowerPoint and Keynote template.