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Vertical Business Process Flow Powerpoint Template

For business timeline presentation our vertical business process flow PowerPoint template keynote will be a perfect design. The business growth and sales and marketing strategies can be highlighted by using the simple PowerPoint design. It is a presentation template for Microsoft PowerPoint containing a creative layout with a vertical design that you can use to present a timeline with milestones, the unique shape of the diagram allows a presentation based on a business meeting and agenda or present key concepts in a PowerPoint presentation.

The presenter can use the vertical business process flow PowerPoint template and keynote slide to liven up a presentation. It is suitable to exhibit the six-step process or timeline applying modern graphics. As the name indicates the design is not only used to show the business process and marketing but also it can be used to display all types of processes especially has vertical growth and development. The template arrangement in a zigzag pattern, created by six hexogen PowerPoint shapes touch each other, hexagon shapes shown in different colors such as; green, orange, yellow, gray, red, and brown, this allows audience capability to distinguish each other very quickly. The hexogen segments are even accompanied by text placeholders and contain meaningful icons; there a short descriptive proposition can be placed.

The vertical process flow PowerPoint template can be used as an alternative for the pyramid diagram which depicts the vertical movement of a process. However, there is one major difference between these two, mainly in the shape of the bottom and top. Here, both ends are the same and symmetrical, useful to show the linear movements. The vertical business flow PowerPoint is most suitable for linear process presentation. The simple, colorful design allows the user to make PowerPoint that can spark the interest of audiences and ensures an influential presentation. Both sides of the diagram sharing the text zones, this also allows the user to add texts more comfortably and conveniently.

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