• 4 Stage Linear Process Flow PowerPoint Diagram

4 Stage Linear Process Flow PowerPoint Diagram

Summarize your concepts into four elements and deliver these elements using 4 stages linear process flow diagram. The infographic template is a simple PowerPoint deck contains four PowerPoint circles in a horizontal layout. A linear process template is a step-by-step presentation comprising four elements in an evolutionary sequence. Each stage in the diagram shows a gradual development that is in line with the progression or growth. Linear diagrams are appropriate for presenting the evolutionary development of a phenomenon or an activity. Process presentation very much depends on the stages. So, the process presentation template is an ideal 4 step diagram to displaying phases of product development or project management. Business process presentation with plans and strategies also deliver using the horizontal ppt template. You can access more Linear Templates & cool PowerPoint templates here. Grab the free ppt now!

Process flow template shows the spontaneity of the concepts with eye-catching PowerPoint shapes. This is a multi-functional diagram for infographic presentation created with flat vector illustrations. Here, the circular unit with hanging number labels creates a pendulum effect which provides more appeal to the diagram. Each topic is separated by this column separators give a neat and clear look to the PowerPoint design. The text placeholder in the bottom enables the users to provide conclusion notes or summaries of the presentation topic. Main elements can be attached with the linear flow template, very adjacent with the circle shapes. The red, green, blue, and violet colors are tinted with gradient effects also make the diagram attractive and engaging.

All the elements and features are subjected to customizations. The users can change the appearance using PowerPoint options. For instance, if they want to change the color combination they can use color fill options. Similarly, the size of the text fonts are modifiable. Further, the infographic icons can be changed according to the theme and subject. Process flow diagrams are commonly used for presenting activity changeovers or transformation occurred in stages. Use this diagram showing business process development and its transformation.