Four Stage Gear Diagram PowerPoint Template and Keynote Slide

  • 4 Stage Gear Diagram PowerPoint Template
  • Four Stage Gear Diagrams Powerpoint template
  • 4 Stage Gear Diagram PowerPoint Template

4 Stage Gear Diagram PowerPoint Template

4 stage gear diagram PowerPoint template and keynoteis a creative design to show the different aspects of business and goal achievement. The clipart icons in the diagram symbolize target-oriented activities. The icons are representatives of more deep ideas. The bulb, the trophy, the speaker and the rocket has their own meaning in business context. The users can attribute a meaning related to the situation.

Four stage gear diagram template featuring PowerPoint model and design related to processing concept with mechanical technology. By using the possibilities of this slide, you can create outstanding presentation before the audience. Gears transmit movement or motion to a specific direction. Every gear has to perform a particular function in a larger machine. Here the gear can be associated with multiple ideas and strategies in different fields like business, marketing, engineering, agriculture and academic. This four stage gear is suitable from audience point of view because of the easy learning. The stage diagram illustrates the four stages of process. Four small cogwheels having icons are ideal to explain the concepts with rotating arrows. The four meshing gear transmits rotating motions of the bigger one. Technically smaller gear rotating faster than bigger gear because of the torque is proportionally greater; symbolically the bigger wheel in the center is our organization or target. The target achievement or ensure the mobility of organization only occurred with the help of smaller ones. The ideas or the smaller gears in this PowerPoint diagram colored differently and texts can be highlighted both sides. Apart from the business or service related presentations, this 4 stage gear diagram PowerPoint can used to pass personal reports. The title and sub-title includes in accordance with the needs and nature of the subject. This is 100% editable diagram, you can adjust and modify the shapes and it is possible to change the shape proportions including color and enlarge gear shapes without losing image quality