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  • 3d Gear Process Diagram

3D Gear Process Diagram PowerPoint Template

Our 3d gear process diagram PowerPoint template presentation can be used for business process presentation with a symbolic touch. Gears are symbols of movement or motion. It denotes a process occurring via kinetic energy. This gear ppt template is ideal for industrial and automobile sectors to present their workflows, functionally illustrated with their familiar device. This template shows the three aspects of the concept. The customizable diagram allows editing and modifications. The presenters can change the shapes and size of the gear and the text fonts according to their needs and interest.

3d Gear Process Diagram PowerPoint template is centered on the concept of gears which are simply a saw-like wheel that works with other such wheels to adjust or transmit power from one part of a machine to another. A gear is a spinning machine part having cut teeth, which mesh with another toothed part to transmit force. Geared devices can change the force, speed, and direction of a power source. It can be big or small in size but is vital in completing the system of huge mechanisms such as an engine. 3d Gear Process Diagram focuses on 3 different sizes of gears at a shifted 3D angle. These are created as editable shapes so that you can always change these according to your needs and specifications. You can access more process flow template & 3d shape PowerPoint templates here. Grab the free ppt now!

The gear diagram PowerPoint can be connected to multiple subjects like engineering, business planning, process, and brainstorming. By associating vast topics to key points in a concise way encourages the audience to remember them easily, also if the primary points can be associated with the larger gear and the secondary be associated accordingly they can also understand the priority and importance of each in the same manner as well. These will be ideal for showing relative concepts that depend on each other for completion of an entire workflow. 3d Gear Process Diagram is available as PowerPoint and Keynote Templates.