• 6 Stage Process Diagram PowerPoint Template

6 Stage Process Diagram PowerPoint Template

6 stage process diagram PowerPoint template and keynote is a minimal process flow template that can be used to illustrate six process of any event or phenomenon. The six stage diagram is suitable to show the different stages of business development and project execution. The steps of product execution are ideal with this staged process diagram template. The template is decorated with PowerPoint icons that may use as a complementary item for the presentation. It will support the users to present their concept by an iconic representation. The infographic icons include in the process diagram are; hand with books, stacked coins, steps, tools, toothed wheels and gear box. Each icon represent a meaning that may suit to the presentation topic, otherwise the presenters can attribute innovative and suitable meaning with the situation.

The diagram has sufficient text placeholders in the both sides. It is also suitable to present business objectives, agenda and business strategies. Product descriptions and product development stages are also ideal with the six-stage process diagram PowerPoint template.

Six stage process diagram template looks like a curved colorful coil which has a beginning and an end, the coil starts with a green color and ends at a brown color. There are six stops or stages at each intervals of the process, this slide can well be used for any work flow or process which has an initiating stage, a brainstorming stage and an ending stage. This six stage process diagram looks much different and curious compared to the regular column and row diagrams and hence will add more interest to the viewers. You also have an option to edit text and add your information at each of the stages and convey the message in a novel fashion. The template is designed in both PowerPoint and keynote in both the aspect ratio 4:3(Normal) and 16:9 (widescreen).

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