• 9 stage circular diagram infographics template

The nine-segment diagram infographics template is a typical circular PowerPoint presentation template with nine segmented pieces with numbers and text placeholder. It is a circle ppt template fit for presenting business management processes or strategies. This generic presentation design is created for giving information in an engaging tone. Multi-functional infographics have several uses, including business presentations and academic presentations. The presenters can use this diagram as their cover slide or introduction template to contain nine steps or nine concepts. The diagram flow allows the user to create cyclical ideas that would come in definite intervals or periodically.

Nine segment PowerPoint diagram looks like a flower with the inner heading zone. This heading placeholder enables the presenters to add their main heading of the topic on the centre and the spoke elements could be add-on the flower pallets. The nine shapes are nine components of your presentation, i.e., specified by the numbers. The diagram illustrates nine stages of business development or nine strategies that improve your business and organization. The pattern is best for presentations on sales and marketing. Presenters can show operational strategies to achieve sales growth and target. However, you could incorporate any topic irrespective of the field and subject.

Nine segment infographic diagram for PowerPoint presentation is a multi-functional template with editable choices. The presenters can change the themes and color backgrounds, including the colour of the pieces. The users can select their topic and deliver a simple and stunning presentation using the nine segment diagram PowerPoint template. You could show each step in the topic to support clipart infographic icons if you are ready to fill the peripheral mini-circles by drag and drop. You can customize anything according to your aesthetics and content. Just add your key heading on the centre circle and make your presentation striking.