• Linear Process Flow Diagram

5 Stage Linear Process Flow Diagram

Generate a unique process presentation with 5 staged linear process flow diagrams. Process flow diagrams are used for the presentation of step-by-step handover of a task or work procedures. The linear PowerPoint template is an ideal flow diagram for presenting the development of an item or a process. The process development is going through five phases, which are arranged on a sequential basis. The user can display the implementation of old and new processes using the five-stage presentation slide. This is a spiral diagram PowerPoint layout that shows the zigzag pattern of order. It is designed with a dynamic look and feel. Each zigzag segment is filled with infographic icons and numbers. On one end you can insert your own icons that have a match your presentation theme; on the other end, you can add your textual contents. You can access more Process Flow Diagrams & PowerPoint themes free here. Grab the free ppt now!

Process presentation PowerPoint with infographic icons provides a gradient effect because of the special color combination. The green color code starts with the dark green combination and ends with the light green combination. This effect creates a classic PowerPoint template for your business presentation. Normally, a process flow diagram represents the evolutional growth of an event or an item. It passes through definite intervals, and all the stages have work to complete and after the work completion, it passes through the next stages. So, process cycle diagrams either show a cyclic process or show a linear process. This template is ideal for showing the linear development stages. It can be also used as a timeline ppt template or a roadmap template. Anyhow, showing the logical relationships and interconnections are the major purposes of the linear flow diagrams.

A five-stage process diagram for a PowerPoint presentation created with PowerPoint objects and infographics looks visually appeal and ensures audience engagement. The presenters can display five distinct processes with a logical relationship. The presenters can demonstrate, how certain step leads or involves another step. You can download linear process diagrams from the Slide Bazaar gallery.