5 and 6 Steps Linear Line Diagram Template

Our 5 and 6 steps linear line diagram template is a brilliantly designed timeline template. Our linear diagram template in your presentation will function as a gateway to success. No matter what’s your presentation topic may be Slidebazaar has an extensive collection of PowerPoint templates that can be incorporated into any presentation. It’s an amazing design to demonstrate business processes. The template is crafted in a simple layout which will attain the audience's focus on each step. The template represents the interdepending sequence of a process in a modern layout. A circular shape that represents the sequence of the stage is covered with an arrow diagram that converges to the consecutive stage. The arrow mimics a numerical six (6). The converging arrows show dependencies or continuity of the process.

Using this linear stage line diagram template presenter can discuss plans, strategies, developmental stages, etc. Apart from business activities, the presenter can also portray models of communication; a student can set target plans, can perform time series analysis. The unique graphical representation of the process develops the interest among the audience. It’s a versatile design that can be a crucial aid for business professionals, scholars, students, professors, and teachers. As an educational presentation involves more steps and requires more space, we also added a six-step line linear stage diagram template which provides more space for a brief presentation. The template offers multiple customization options. Hence the user can alter the size, modify the color scheme, edit text areas to make the template adaptive to the presentation theme entirely. Moreover, the presenter can drag the shape in other PowerPoint presentations. The user-friendly design is the greatest advantage associated with our premium quality five six-step lines linear stage diagram template. Give a blazing performance to your process presentation with our linear diagram template. The template is available in both PowerPoint and Keynote versions.

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