• Linked Process Steps PowerPoint Template and Keynote
  • Linked Process Steps Powerpoint and Keynote template

Linked Process Steps PowerPoint Template

The linked process steps PowerPoint template and keynote is a multi-linear diagram that shows the branching out of the concepts in a three-tier system. It depicts the rapid strategic move towards success and shows bent or twists in the diagram. The versatile timeline PowerPoint template displays the concepts in the three-level of the timeline movement. Each text's placeholders and the concepts are linked with each other. So the users can depict the interrelationship of the concepts or the tasks and activities. The diagram is perfect for the presentation of business process development or project development. The six phases of project development or product development can be illustrated using the linked process steps diagram. The users can show the start to end phases of an event or a phenomenon. The linked process steps diagram is an editable diagram; the users can add more steps to the diagram and give multiple options for the presenters. You can access more process flow template here. Grab the free ppt now!

The linked process steps PowerPoint template and keynote contains six infographic icons with different colour combinations. Each of the icons creates a good appeal to the diagram. The diagram is available in two backgrounds; the users can change the background colour combination and make more appealing visuals to the PowerPoint template.

Linked Process Steps template showcases a roadmap image where six process steps are displayed at regular intervals. This is distributed in such a way that it will be very captivating to show a product life cycle or a product journey with milestones projected as the six steps. Each of these six positions are paired with icons and a small textual placeholder which can be updated and edited according to presenter preference. Make your presentation slides stand out by using visually pleasing design elements such as these. Linked Process PowerPoint Template and Keynote is fully editable in both Microsoft PowerPoint and Keynote software.