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7 Steps Model PowerPoint Template and Keynote Slide

7 steps model PowerPoint template and keynote slide cover a stair picture of seven steps. Each step colored attractively and placed in an arranged sequence. Typically, steps are showing the growth phase of a phenomenon. The seven-step diagram template is perfect for the presentation of business development through different stages and steps. It shows the movement from one place and another. This keynote & powerpoint template can display the business process from the initial stage to the end stage. It is also useful to show the seven strategies for business development and goal achievement. The seven steps are visually providing a three-dimension effect. The color combination and the visual effect ensure the engagement of the audience with maximum participation.

Seven steps PowerPoint template contains seven infographic icons. These icons are interactive in nature, which has a particular meaning in business management. For example, the rocket icon represents the product launching or implementation; it also represents the automation of the business enterprise. Each icon and the color codes are adjustable or resettable.

7 Steps Model PowerPoint template and Keynote slide looks more like a rainbow in the form of steps, a very creative and innovative template with seven steps in black, blue, green, yellow, orange and red color. The diagram looks like a chain of climbing flight of colorful stairs; hence the template can be used to showcase a process or method which has seven steps or seven stages, or a victory story or model or the story behind a company’s evolution, a business model or business growth etc. At the very end of each step have a small icon and a text box where you can mention the title and a brief description on each step you have chosen. Also on the left hand side is a small text box for you to write minor details on the topic chosen to portray using the Seven Steps Model PowerPoint and Keynote template. The slide is very colorful and smart and will surely be a center of attraction while making a presentation or in the meeting.