• Swiss Cheese Model PowerPoint Template
  • Swiss Cheese Model PowerPoint slide

Swiss Cheese Model PowerPoint Template presents a risk management concept with an eye-catching PPT design. The Swiss Cheese Model is commonly used in the health sector for risk analysis. In addition, it is a part of "safety science" since wrong diagnosis results are often considered human errors. It also has importance in other fields like engineering, defense, aviation, and cyber security. In this template, a slice of Swiss Cheese represents a given measure taken to minimize risk. Each cheese slide symbolizes organization management, allocation of resources, and an effective safety program.

The risk management PowerPoint template of the Swiss Cheese model has many sliced kinds of cheese arranged sequentially to show hazardous events and how to avoid dangerous incidents. Here the wholes signify organizations' weaknesses, and non-wholes represent productive safeguards. Here, the initiation of hazardous events is shown by red PowerPoint lines, and the yellow cheese shows the fragility as well as strength of an organization.

The Swiss Cheese PowerPoint Template contains two slides of square shapes in a linear process flow; this could be used as an alternative presentation for demonstrating success and opportunities. The users can add descriptive texts or PowerPoint images according to their presentation concept. Download concept presentation templates now!