• supplier preferencing model

Supplier preferencing model template: presentation regarding business concepts needs eye-catching infographics to hold viewer attention. The preferencing supplier model is a procurement concept that revealing how businesses manage their customers by giving proper supply measures. This supply chain management PowerPoint comprises a visually attractive four-section matrix of the supply preference model. The ten slides of supply preference PowerPoint allow the user to deliver an interactive presentation using four model diagrams of business presentations. You can highlight each topic in detail because the slide has many variations with plenty of text placeholders. Each element (core, exploitable, nuisance, and develop) could be displayed separately using different PowerPoint designs.

1. Develop: High Attractive and low-cost account which sellers look to develop
2. Core: More attractive and costly, likely the most vital account for seller
3. Nuisance: Less attractive and less to spend
4. Exploitable: Less attractive and too much cost

The supplier preferencing model PowerPoint is the analysis base upon two sets of dimensions. These dimensions are the attractiveness of account and value of the business to the supplier. The beauty of account enlightens the productivity while selling and buying patterns of shoppers. At the same time, the features such as consistency and quality affect the value of an account of business. It’s a strategic procurement tool. It is also called the supplier’s preference model, meaning assessing how suppliers view the business. Slidebazaar has many business PowerPoint collections based on marketing concepts. Supply positioning model PowerPoint is another topic related to suppliers and buyers available in our gallery.

This is professional PowerPoint matrix for supply preference model presentation contains four-section infographics. Each image in the diagram has been created with metaphor icons, excellent color variations, and showing a vertical and horizontal axis. Both axes display the two sets of dimensions enables the viewer to understand the marketing topic easily. Similar to other PowerPoint business templates, it also is subjected to change.