• Design Thinking Model Template

Design Thinking PowerPoint Template

Design thinking model template for PowerPoint presentation contains 9 slides of instructive ppt to show the process behind creative thinking. Design thinking is a cyclic or non-linear, continuous process that seeks to know users, test assumptions, redefine complications and create inventive solutions to pattern and test. The method consists of 6 phases i.e. research, focus, idea generation, informed decisions, prototype cycle, and collaboration. It is most beneficial when you want to curb problems that are ill-defined or unidentified.

The design thinking model PowerPoint is an effective tool to deliver pictorial presentations as users are able to fully edit the PowerPoint vectors. The flat and simple design process in PowerPoint is suitable for case studies and business reports. The infographic mixes a customer-focused design model instead of a problem-focused solution. It contains observation to determine unachievable customer needs and business limitations while framing the opportunity and scope of the invention, making creative ideas, analysis, and filtering solutions.

Design thinking model PowerPoint template contains 9 modern vector graphics including the master diagram. The master diagram is crafted as a circle PowerPoint template of hexagon shapes. So, it displays the iterative process of the design thinking process as a repetitive cycle. And the rest of the designs show the headings separately with easy-to-learn PowerPoint templates that also have arranged detailed text areas for topic discussion. Apart from the graphic designing industry, the concept has high relevance for industries such as engineering, medicine, business, finance, education and more.so, any field of knowledge can be used in design thinking ppt to display the concept in PowerPoint.

Use the 9-slide design thinking PowerPoint template. And make an inspirational presentation on creative designing of ideas and innovative application of modern designs. Each section of the design thinking model PowerPoint is a high-resolution editable PowerPoint figure. The pattern is perfect for problem-solving presentations with tips for decision-making and creative thinking. Use this impactful PowerPoint presentation, and grab the attention of the audience with supreme involvement.