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PESO Model Template for PowerPoint

The beautifully created intersecting diagram provides a classy look to the audience. PESO model PowerPoint template is focusing on the media journalism and the emerging trends in the area of marketing journalism or money-oriented journalism. Our designers created this PowerPoint template for exclusive presentation of the PESO model in media journalism. So, the template is emphasizing the presentation of new trends in the field. It is about the smart media coverage and the public relations strategies based on digital and social media realms. PESO is an abbreviated form of the big picture, it covering the all channels and the way of communication and the earning method of the media coverage beyond the social commitment and spread of the news or information. PESO is Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned media. If there is a debate about the intersection of public relations, social media and digital media, PESO is a concept that needs to be part of the discussion.

PESO model template for PowerPoint presentation tries to delineate the four acronyms that have recently emerged in the field of media journalism. PESO stands for;

Paid: news transmission placed by the payment of money, that is, the channel in which money is paid to place the news or message, and control its distribution or transmission.

Earned: a credible third party, such as journalist blogger or a trade analyst created a message and it is published by a media enterprise.

Shared: sharing and commenting upon your message by the community through social media channels.

Owned: the editorial and messages you write, publish and control by your own channel.

In the PESO model, each channel has its own importance. The focus on paid, earned and owned media is changing with growing resistance to advertising and growth in social media. According to a survey, in the coming years shared media and owned media are expected to be the most important. PESO model template for PowerPoint is ideal to present the upcoming changes in media journalism. The users from different professions can download the template because the PowerPoint will consume any presentation topic with four or eight concepts.

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