• Supply chain analytics powerpoint template and keynote slide
  • Supply chain analytics template for powerpoint and keynote

Supply Chain Analytics PowerPoint Template

Supply chain analytics PowerPoint template is a modern design to disclose the analytical strategies of supply chain management. However, the template is a multi-purpose diagram that can be used to show any topic which has five elements or concepts. Supply chain analytics is a recently emerged concept, so the course of supply chain analytics has got momentum in the last few years. There have been bigger importance in using analytics in many areas of business. Analytics has always played a significant role in supply chain and operations in the form of transportation routing, demand forecasting and planning, inventory optimization, and network design. It is also widely applied in related areas such as pricing, manufacturing, and procurement. Recently, analytics has been applied to supply chain division, risk management, complexity reduction, cost spend, and manufacturing flexibility.

The Supply chain analytics ppt template is a simple design that contains five inward arrows focusing on the top. Each arrow in the diagram is placed with numbers and infographic icons. The users can write their topics on the arrow surface and give details on the left side of the diagram. The topic in the default setup may help the users to develop their own presentation topic. The contents include; supply chain analytics, spend analysis, supply network efficiency, outlet performance, and channel analysis have been developed by experts in the field after an intensive study. The result of these models provides a way to analyze the tradeoffs in the system as provide new ideas for improvement. When starting a supply chain analytics, there are several important questions to consider, one of the most important questions is related to the goals and specific plans. After understanding the area of concern you can choose an appropriate analytic strategy.

Supply chain analytics PowerPoint template is a single slide with white background. The editable template allows the user the make modifications and changes. For instance, users can add more colors instead of blue shades. Similarly, the length of the arrow can be resized and the infographic clipart can replace. Users can use this diagram for either a specific presentations or general presentations.

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