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Value chain templates aid business professionals in defining the company value chain, profit margins, and strategies with an explanation of Porter's value chain analysis. It is a tool to describe how your business creates value for the market. For value creation, the company takes inputs and produces outputs. However, outputs will bring more value to the business than the inputs. Porter's value chain model is a diagrammatic representation of value creation through an arrow ppt design. It combines a group of actions companies perform to generate customer value. If your business creates value, your products will have higher profitability.

The PowerPoint presentation's value chain model displays primary and secondary activities for creating value. Primary activities will directly develop your product/services. At the same time, secondary activities will support the primary activities to provide effective outcomes for customers. In this business PowerPoint template, you can see primary activities on the bottom and secondary activities on the upper layer of the arrow PowerPoint template. In Porter's point of view, value chain analysis is useful for logistics and presentation on operation management, customer relations, product development, and supply chain management. Inbound logistics, Operations, Outbound logistics, Marketing & Sales, and Service are the key primary activities that should be precisely performed for value creation. The supporting activities are Infrastructure, Technological developments, Human Resource Management, and Procurement.

The value chain PowerPoint template is a specific creation that only supports presenting Porter’s value chain model. However, the users can create a different topic on the arrow ppt design if the subject carries similar concepts and structure. The arrow diagram contains four parallel layers on the top and five sections on the bottom. The top layers are colored with grey tints, while the five bottom layers have a dark color combination of different color schemes. You can change the color combinations or the ppt background themes according to your requirements. However, if you are choosing the same heading, you don’t need to alter the structure. Download business and management theory presentation templates from slidebazaar gallery and create impactful PowerPoint exhibitions.