• Innovation Roadmap PowerPoint Template
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Innovation Roadmap PowerPoint Template presents an arrow diagram in linear flow with business concepts. The horizontal PowerPoint presentation is perfect for demonstrating business growth and the major goals that have been achieved. However, this roadmap ppt template can display past status presentations, future events, and business status. Business development ensued in a chronological sequence and linear pattern. So, the presenters can use this six-stage timeline template to present six elements of business development or six steps of business growth. However, the template already has some specific concepts for business presentations—the innovation roadmap PowerPoint shows how a business can grow with challenges.

The innovation roadmap template for the PowerPoint presentation is a six-month timeline template that shows the business development structure when you apply innovations. In this template, certain concepts are disruptive innovation, faced challenges, industry reaction, changes accordingly to industry demands, technology adoption, and new industry structure. These stages will occur when you have applied disruptive innovation in the market. Each step in the roadmap powerpoint template is colored in blue, green, light blue, red, dark green, and yellow with text. The Users can add their text conveniently using edit options. Besides, the six-stage roadmap template is also usable for the evolutionary process in chronology. Download and edit the white and black background innovation roadmap PowerPoint for business presentation.
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