• Free Roadmap Infographics

The free roadmap template is a multistep strategy presentation diagram, allowing you to generate complex information with the curved roadmap. It enables presenters to produce the start to end of a strategy with eight steps. The use of a multistep presentation roadmap is helpful to white discussing a project lifecycle. Presentation project milestones and even barriers using the text placeholders are worth it. The presenters can show the stages of the roadmap journey to illustrate processes like development, planning, management, testing and strategy formation, etc. Though it enables complex or multistep presentations, it has a simple PowerPoint layout with an eight-segmented tube in a curved timeline design. Each segment has been colored with different combinations, making it easy to understand the topic without distortions.

The Free Roadmap Template for PowerPoint Presentation is a versatile and visually stunning design that can be used for multi-purposes, such as presenting a customer journey map, a customer experience plan, or a project lifecycle. It is a simple pager design in black and white that comes in two slides with duplication. The roadmap is created with infographic icons at the start and finish, and users can easily add more clipart using the drag-and-drop option in the edit menu. The roadmap PowerPoint template is fully customizable, allowing you to change the colors, fonts, and other features to match your brand or presentation needs. In addition, the design is visually appealing, making it easy for your audience to follow the roadmap and understand the various stages and milestones of your project or plan.

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