• Industry 4.0 roadmap powerpoint template and keynote
  • Industry 4.0 roadmap powerpoint template and keynote slide

Industry 4.0 PowerPoint Template

Revolution in industry is an ongoing process or never ending process. Recently, the manufacturing industry has been more revolutionized using the modern technologies bring forth by the IT industry. Our industry 4.0 roadmap PowerPoint template is a common circular diagram template, but showing the concept of recent trends in the industrial development. These trends are geared up by automation and information technology. The presenters can display the elements of second industrial revolution through this simple and enchanting visual graphic. This PowerPoint graphically exhibits advancement in manufacturing and technology. Industry 4.0 is basically a makeover concept for manufacturing market. It includes almost all concepts of modern industrial development. The diagram is not showing the layout of a typical roadmap, it’s a circular roadmap template ideally distributed the concept of industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 is a term given to the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It includes cyber and physical systems, the internet of things, clouding computing and cognitive computing. The industry 4.0 PowerPoint template contains a circle diagram with nine modern technologies, it includes; additive manufacturing, system simulation, system integration, advanced robotics, internet of things, cloud computing touch interfaces, augmented reality and cyber security. The users can use this diagram as an introductory slide, which combined all elements of the industry 4.0 concept. Users can create a detailed explanation of the concept using the other PowerPoint templates. The explanation of each topic needs more textual and oral descriptions. For instance, if you deliver a lecture about cloud computing you need excellent visual graphics connected to the theme, go through slide bazaar gallery and download our cloud computing PowerPoint template for an exclusive presentation.

Industry 4.0 PowerPoint template for presentation is crafted with editable objects and shape. Here, the roadmap template is a self-explanatory PowerPoint providing small description along with the iconic graphics. Th. This template of industry 4.0 facilitates professional to explain smart networking, business intelligence and business automation.

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