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Quarterly roadmap timeline PowerPoint template is a strategic plan presentation for the first months of a financial year. This creative quarterly plan timeline allows presenters to edit the template with their milestones. This semi-circle PowerPoint designs looks attractive in the color mixes. The users can create a quarterly roadmap with a simple timeline flow and sequence. The roadmap is organized by quarters so the viewers can easily identify each quarter by red, blue, green, and yellow color codes. Inside each quarter, some numbers suggest months. For each quarter, you can use the same timeline template for the business strategy roadmap presentation.

The quarterly roadmap template for the PowerPoint timeline presentation contains two variant formats. One is a zigzag timeline template, and the other is a calendar PowerPoint design. In the calendar PPT, four columns have four quarters of a year. So, you can use the template for yearly presentations by separating roadmaps for each quarter. It is a bullet point text placeholder to imprint your quarterly strategies in a detailed view. All the templates have black-and-white background options that allow modification with other color fills. This PowerPoint template can be helpful if you need to prepare a business presentation or financial plan using Microsoft Office tools. The users can edit the quarterly roadmap timeline to fit their own presentation needs by entering the texts in the editable text boxes. Use minimal PowerPoint slides now!