• blockchain infographics

Blockchain infographic contains timelines and circle powerpoint to educate viewers about cryptographic techniques and secure online payment transactions. Blockchain is a database distribution shared among the connections of a computer network. It stores information electronically in digital format. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency systems work through blockchain technology to keep a secure and decentralized record of transactions. Therefore, the term blockchain is always jointly pronounced with digital money. Our blockchain powerpoint template is a common presentation genre with steps and stages presentation ppt platform. Because of the common ppt designs, you can use these diagrams to provide information about any topic.

The blockchain powerpoint template best presents encryption methods and the idea of decentralizing the money transfer network with standard visual graphics. It also used a financial technology slide presentation focusing on the decentralized currency. This content-ready blockchain ppt presentation has six slides in 3 variant designs. Each design has a dark and light background color combination that makes a difference in the same tone. The circular design template with six text zones is a metaphor presentation with computer images and technology pictures. This is a network diagram for a powerpoint presentation showing the distribution of concepts with six element presentation. Each circle is decorated with infographic icons that may align with the blockchain technology presentation.

The blockchain template ppt can be used as an educational powerpoint to show peer-to-peer file-sharing networks. For example, the timeline template in hexagon design has pre-designed contents that ensure blockchain presentation with educational purposes. It contains blockchain technology concepts such as sending money, creating the block, broadcasting, receiving money, blockchain and transaction. As it is a network diagram, all the hexagon shapes have a connection with one another. Besides, it shows metaphoric illustrations on the surface. The third template is a concentric circle ppt with three text zones. Use blockchain powerpoint infographic for an impactful presentation. Also, check out our cryptocurrency powerpoint template.