• Creative Infographics Timeline PowerPoint Template and Keynote Slide
  • Creative Timeline Infographics Powerpoint and Keynote template

Creative infographics, timeline PowerPoint template, and keynote slide is common PowerPoint to show the history of a company or an organization. This creative timeline can be used to make presentations on project plans or product development in an arranged sequence. This timeline PowerPoint template is created for professionals who need remarkable timeline presentations that will stimulate clients and impress management. The template is designed to be powerful, customizable, and easy to present in important meetings.

The attractive and colorful timeline PowerPoint template slide has enough text zones wherein users can detail their descriptions. Another specialty is that there are five essential infographic icons in the template. These icons contain a particular meaning; these meanings have management values and business importance. Therefore, users can avail the help of these icons for their presentation. Besides, if users want to ignore the traditional meaning, they can attribute innovative meaning to them or delete these icons and insert new ones instead of the default characters. Alternatively, users don’t need iconic representation; they can remove the icons and put textual topics in the circle space.

Creative infographics timeline PowerPoint template and keynote slide is an artistic slide that can be used to demonstrate your company milestones, business achievements, and tributes met over the years or since the time of initiation. The slide has six arrows that are arranged horizontally in the Centre of the slide, and on the arrows are circles that point out to bigger circles on one side of the arrow where you have the option to edit your heading or text; and on the other side, you have a text box to write a brief description of the first arrow, and on the topic, you have chosen. The slide is very engaging, and the arrows and the circles are in green, red, grey, blue, orange, and pink colors and the slide comes in black and white backgrounds. The Creative Timeline in PowerPoint will be a novel attraction in your presentation and will surely be very eye catchy for the audience. You may choose the slide upon your topic or idea of preference.