Pie & Donut Chart Templates for PowerPoint & Keynote

If you love circular diagrams and want to exhibit your data or information using it, then our Pie & Donut chart PowerPoint template is specifically designed for you. If you have numerical data or mathematical calculations to be showcased among your audience, then you need Chart diagrams to visualize your data in a crystal-clear format. For doing so, our Pie chart template can be your perfect companion. The pie chart is said to be the best comparison tool as it visualizes the involvement of a particular category among the whole. Your audience can easily mark the status of each category. Our library of donut chart template includes a distinctive collection of pie-donut charts. You will surely find an entirely different and stylish layout every time you check out our PowerPoint slides.

Pie & Donut charts are considered as excellent tools for showcasing percentages or numerical proportions. Such as market share, product popularity among competitors, employee’s performance, etc. Business sectors generally rotate among the factors which are research, analysis, and implementation for effective research on any issue. We need a detailed study of its contributory elements. Each element has an involvement among the whole. So, it’s necessary to understand each element and its degree of impact among the whole. For that Pie chart diagram is an ideal option. Our distinctive library includes some of the best layouts like business opportunity pie chart template, Donut chart performance template, 3D pie chart and many more. Rather than usual chart collection our library also includes a Pie chart with social media market share template which can be best for a marketing presentation. Nowadays social media is in trends and is considered a prime online marketing tool. Using social media template in your presentation can precisely show your business presence in all social media mediums. If you are a marketing, sales, management, human resource or any sector you belong to. Our Pie-donut chart templates are compatible with any presentation theme. Thanks to our expert designers all our Pie chart templates are extremely handy. Eye-pleasing color palette, stylish and elegant layout, infographic icons will surely make your content stand out.