Pie Chart with Social Media Market Share PowerPoint and Keynote Template

Pie chart with social media powerpoint is a sophisticated and innovative slide; users can display a variety of statistical data which are usable for the planning and operation of a business organization. Easily understandable distribution of data contain in the pie diagram designed with social media logos, the interpretation would not be a constraint with this powerpoint template. Social media became one of the significant tools to disseminate information to the masses, approximately 51% of the world population has internet access, and these people are utilizing social media to connect with both closed and distant peers and relations. Therefore, social media has given us an important device in marketing strategies; the introduction of smartphones creating the people growing along with the information, which means information is instant and in your pocket. The marketing team of the companies, either small or large, planning their strategies with maximum media presence; increasing their advertisement through less expensive means as compared to print media and television. The social media slide comprises text boxes and a pie chart for presenting information, percentages indicating the use of a particular type of media can be displayed and the action to achieve objectives. Use this diagram to show the certain customers of the demographic market; the user can monitor the segmented distributions through visual graphics, the market coverage, or certain social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, google+, and Pinterest. Among these social media giants, Facebook is the most popular and possesses the largest market coverage. Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest is coming next respectively, these are also the cheaper means of communication and advertisement. A pie chart with social media market share powerpoint template is useful to present marketing plans and strategies, product possession in the market, market capitalization comparison, sales, and revenue, etc.; users can customize the design, position, or arrangement of the powerpoint.

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