• Social media hub and spoke model PowerPoint template and keynote

Hub and Spoke Model PowerPoint Template

Social media is one of the most prevailing methods of spreading information. Social media hub and spoke model PowerPoint template and keynote is a part of innovative thinking. The influence of the different types of social media is creating an enormous opportunity for the dissemination of information and spread the qualities of your products and services through online advertisement and another mode of communication. Most internet users use social media as a method of connecting with peers and strangers. Social media has grown as an important tool in marketing strategies because of the powerful influence among the common folk. When we compare with other Media, social media advertisement and coverage are cheap and bigger. So it will be more useful in cost-effective wise for startups and new ventures.

Social media hub and spoke model PowerPoint template and keynote contains one big circle and eight sub circle. This diagram is enabling to show the interrelationship between the main element and the sub-elements. Each sub-element in the diagram is colored with a different color combination, this will help the viewer to distinguish each element. Each circle is connected by thin lines. These thin lines help to indicate the text areas without any confusion. The diagram is a straightforward slide; users can use it for a wide variety of presentations. The generic design may help the users to create different presentations based on business and academic. Eight leadership qualities and eight functional elements of business strategies can be highlighted by using the using social media hub spoke diagram. The template is useful for presentations regarding marketing plans and strategies. The users can edit the position arrangement of the PowerPoint icons depending on their needs or preference. The user can change the color combination of small circles or add a brighter color to the big circle; users can use the infographic icons and make connections to their presentation topic.

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