• Kotter change management model PowerPoint template

Kotter Change Management Model Template

Using kotter change management model template, business professionals can improve the ability of organizational change. Every Industry whether it may be Business, sports, educational or any other sector witness changes. It can be technological improvements, new initiatives, etc. These changes drive to a better and effectual way of working. Whether it can be a small change or a system-wide change it’s common; the organization feels intimidated by the changes. The Kotter Change Model has a breakdown structure of 8 steps:

  • Creating Urgency: Analysing and highlighting the threats which may crop in future.
  • Form a Guiding Coalition: Form a dominant coalition team by adding effective members from the organization, stakeholders who would be working as a team member until the entire process.
  • Form a Vision and Strategy for Change: Formulate a clear vision, which everyone can easily understand, what the business can do in given frame time. Also add the strategies for achieving the overall success, which the audience can easily grasp.
  • Communicate Vision: Engage with team members, leaders and create support and acceptance among the employees for upcoming changes. It's just like a brainstorming session, ask about everyone’s opinion, concerns and anxieties seriously. The new changes have to be fully adopted among the entire organization.
  • Removing Obstacle: Have a regular check for obstacles and people who act as a barrier in implementing changes. Take proactive actions for eliminating the obstacles.
  • Create Short-Term Wins: Nothing motivates more than a success. Early stage wins entrust the team about the success of the change policy.
  • Build on Improvements: With early stage wins, management should not rely on the same policy. It should look for improvement, then only after multiple wins; it can be determined that the change is paying off.
  • Anchor the Change: To implement change stick to it. Ensure the change become an integral part of your organization.

Kotter change management model PowerPoint template and keynote are useful to present developing strategic changes for an organization. This PowerPoint template describes what management changes should be framed for effective business growth. Through 8 step Kotter management model PowerPoint template you can present your strategy development step by step. The Kotter change management model template comprises a bar chart design with an arrow. This PPT Slide is worthwhile for the management and business professionals. Kotter change management model template conveys the concept of change which is essential for the promotion of business product or organization. Download our Kotter Change Management PowerPoint and keynote Template and create a professional looking PPT Presentation.

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