• Harvard HR Management Model Powerpoint template
  • Harvard HR Management Model Powerpoint

Harvard HR Management Model Template is an HR diagram showing five approaches to HR, including different levels of the outcome. This Harvard HR Management model emphasizes organizations can accomplish their goals if their resources are utilized successfully. Our HR PowerPoint Slide provides a flowchart template to present these Harvard HRM models. We have different HR models and creative slides to discuss the organizational workforce. Employee training PowerPoint, employee attrition ppt, and employee lifecycle template for PowerPoint are a few of them. The Harvard HRM model outlines the most relevant aspects of human resource process and management that have been added with the column boxes with the title and bullet point descriptions.

The HR template starts on the left with stakeholder interest; it includes stakeholders, management, employee groups, government, community, and unions. Next to this, what situational factors influence these stakeholder interests? It involves workforce characteristics, business strategy & conditions, management philosophy, labor market, unions, task and technology, laws & societal value. Next, the Harvard template shows HRM policies. It includes core HR activities, like training, recruitment, reward systems, and work systems. Next, on the yellow-tinted ppt columns, you can see HR outcomes. This box is comprised of commitment, competence, congruence, and cost-effectiveness. Finally, the green box ppt represents long-term consequences. It includes individual well-being, organizational effectiveness, and social well-being.

Harvard HR Management Model for PowerPoint Presentation is a complete guide for HRM presentations. The two-slide template shows the connection between the topics by thing lines and arrow ppt tips. This template preferred light color combinations such as red, sky blue, blue, yellow, and green. It looks neat and clear in PowerPoint background black and white colors. The Harvard HR model can assist in demonstrating all necessary functions with an easily understandable layout. In addition, a ready-use slide with descriptions will reduce the time and effort of the user. Use this editable HR template for business and educational PowerPoint presentations.