• E-Waste Management Slide
  • E-Waste Management Slides

The education template of e-waste powerpoint allows present eight important elements of e-waste management. The circular ppt template has eight palettes to explain your theme. The E-waste management template contains generic presentation shapes and layouts in colorful arrangements. This is a professional slide to create awareness about e-waste management and other sustainable practices to protect living beings and the earth. It could use to show the ecology of waste management, waste, and waste disposal measures, the importance of waste recycling, and the environmental effects of e-waste. E wastes are unwanted electronic devices that cause serious toxic emissions even if they seem “inactive.” So, this is an awareness slide for e-waste management that can be used for governments, corporates, NGOs, and teachers.

The E-waste management powerpoint template in circle ppt design contains eight topics of e-waste management. It includes residual disposal of e-waste, collection of e-waste, sorting of e-waste, processing of e-waste, repairing of e-waste, recycling, dismantling, and component recovery from e-waste. These topics have relevance in a waste management presentation. Students and teachers can use this template for a class presentation on the environment and sustainable recycling, judicious measures for e-waste disposal, waste management trends, how to generate income through e-waste recycling, and the importance of e-waste recycling.

Waste management powerpoint slides can be categorized in the ecology presentation powerpoint designs featuring environmental issues. So, anyone who believes they are committed to joining the movement against human-made environmental hazards can download e-waste powerpoint templates to demonstrate mitigation measures. This circular powerpoint diagram has infographic icons and vector designs that may be compatible with the presentation theme. If not, you can replace it using edit options. Further, the center circle can be used to insert the presentation's main heading as a common powerpoint design; the users can opt for multiple displays by adding a theme other than e-waste management. Download minimal powerpoint designs now!