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5S PowerPoint Template

5S diagram PowerPoint template is a conceptual framework created to show Kaizen methodology and Lean manufacturing methodology as a part of business continuous improvement. 5S methodology can be used as substitute of 6 sigma manufacturing, while the concept has slight differences between the two. However, both 5S and 6S are contributing for the industry to avoid unwanted things and focusing on business process improvement. Here, the five clipped ribbon shape displaying the 5S concept: Sort, Straighten, Shine, Systemize and Sustain. The circular diagram for PowerPoint presentation gives a neat and clean look on the white surface with the colorful clipart designs. Japanese have introduced this concept of 5S manufacturing and it lead to the technique of Just in Time Manufacturing.

The 5S’s of methodology represents:

  • Sort:Separating of the essential from the unnecessary items
  • Straighten:Bring together the indispensable materials where everything has its place
  • Shine: Cleaning the work area
  • Standardize: Creating a system to maintain and make 5S a habit
  • Sustain:Forming a safe and hygienic work setting

5S diagram PowerPoint template is an adorable ppt slide which looks very attractive in the circle layout and the colorful attachment shapes. The circle contains infographic icons on the white surface which may help user to create meaningful deliveries using the metaphors. Lean manufacturing is an industrial concept so the diagram is fit for industries like automobile, capital goods, electrical manufactures etc. any type of business cycle process can be highlighted using the 5S power point template.

5S methodology PowerPoint presentation is subjected to customization. The users can alter color, size, effects, and infographic icons according to their requirements. As it is a 5 stage presentation circle diagram, users can create any idea which has five elements or concepts. Repetitive elements are common in business cycles, so, it’s an ideal template to show recurring business process or elements.