• 5 Step Flat Ribbon Diagram Layout for PowerPoint and Keynote Template
  • 5 Step Flat Ribbon Diagram Layout
  • 5 Step Flat Ribbon Diagram Layout for PowerPoint and Keynote Template

5 Step Flat Ribbon Diagram Layout Powerpoint Template and Keynote Slide

5 step flat ribbon diagram layout PowerPoint and keynote template crafted as a zigzag folded design. This five-stage flat ribbon diagram PowerPoint is resourceful for business and professional use. The innovative visual graphics highlight the concept with a useful view. The diagram is in a horizontal layout; therefore, it can be used for the five step timeline model of business presentation. The zigzag ribbon template shows the five concepts of any topic but the design seems to contain only four layers. This visual graphics and shadow coloring layout looks attractive that ensure the attention of the audience. This five-step PowerPoint template is a business tool for the transmission of valued business information. The descriptions of the product and services can be illustrated by this ribbon diagram.

The 5 Step Flat Ribbon Diagram Layout powerpoint & keynote is a set in a black background and covers a colorful ribbon in multi-colors red, orange and green. Using a ribbon to represent data will be a novel idea and will surely make an impression on the audience in the meeting. The ribbon has four pointers; two on one side and three on the other in same colors. You may use this slide to indicate a 5 step process, 5 types, 5 classifications etc. or a workflow which has a starting and an end and includes 5 steps according to your topic chosen; business, finance, management, academic, medical etc. The 5 Step Flat Ribbon Diagram gives a clear message and the audience in the meeting can surely make out what you are trying to present through this slide.

Five step flat ribbon diagram for PowerPoint presentation contains enough text zones, three descriptive columns on right side, and two descriptive colors on the left side. This style is able to avoid the overlapping of the presentation contents. And the same color codes enable easy extraction of the presentation topic. We have more versatile business PowerPoint templates that can download from our gallery without much more complicated formalities.