• Vertical Process Template for PowerPoint

5 step infographic vertical process template is a pure PowerPoint diagram created for simply passing your messages to your clients. Make simple presentations with easily adjustable PowerPoint infographics. It is a bullet list presentation format of cool visuals. The diagram is perfect for a banner presentation with 5 topics. This is often used to show a progression or sequential steps in a task, vertical process, or workflow or to highlight movement and direction. This process infographic also shows timeline development in a perpendicular process sequence. This process PowerPoint is an alternative for stacked diagrams and pyramid templates. This vertical process template has focused on business process models. Different stages and steps of a process can be illustrated by this vertical timeline PowerPoint. Besides, students and teachers can use the flexible diagram to show their project assignments. You can access more Vertical PowerPoint Templates & free ppt templates here. Grab the free ppt now!

The five-step vertical PowerPoint template is ideal for displaying business process development and the hierarchical structure of an organization. Use it as a substitute for the pyramid diagram template and create equally prioritized concepts and elements. Though, we can say it is an equality diagram that gives each element similar status. The vertical process infographic diagram is common for all topics with six steps or elements. Users can present their conceptual schemes through a step-by-step process. The template contains five text zones in a vertical sequence. The text can show in a square with a clean and straightforward look. The minimalistic PowerPoint presentation ensures the easy propagation of concepts with 100% accuracy and precision.

Users can customize the editable PowerPoint template, modify or change the color combination, and reposition the text zones and fonts per their preference and perception. We have a number of process diagrams and timeline templates that can download from our gallery and make impressive and appealing presentations. Moreover, the vertical diagram for PowerPoint presentations can be used as a typical agenda ppt template for projecting the upcoming events of a business meeting.