• 5 Step Ring Diagram Funnel PowerPoint Template

5 Step Ring Diagram Funnel PowerPoint Template

A beautifully crafted 5 Step ring diagram funnel PowerPoint template is useful for transferring your business management ideas and concepts. The five-step funnel process is created with an attractive ring style for business presentations. The template is helpful for analyzing sales revenue, lead generation, and business surveys. The marketing and sales professionals can use PowerPoint to make an awesome customer funnel presentation. A funnel is a symbol for a customer analysis model to display a buying process journey with the graphical aid. The five-step model funnel diagram is perfect to show how the leads become the conversions. Funnels diagram PowerPoint templates are ideal for sales and marketing presentations including customer psychology. So, users can demonstrate the theoretical customer journey towards a product or service. The funnel ppt template will help managers to create a lead management campaign and the importance of CRM.

Funnel diagram for the PowerPoint presentation contains five unique ring shapes with icons. The attachment of icons in the diagram using the new design techniques called plastering. The icons in white background coats create a breakdown effect in the funnel shape. Each ring in the PowerPoint diagram contains separate text zones and color combinations. The text zones are dispersed on both sides of the funnel shape, three on the right side and two on the left side. These text areas are indicated by numbers and the thin lines, the style will be enabling the viewer to easily extract the presentation topic and the step. The funnel diagram design is perfect for step by step presentation of a concept. Meanwhile, it is useful to prioritize the topics because of the larger and the narrow bottom.

The modifiable funnel ppt template is available on single white background. However, the users can change the background color according to the aesthetic sense. The users can change the number of designing properties of the template. Funnel diagrams are ideal to present leads to conversion. You can access more Funnel charts here.