• Double Funnel PowerPoint Template
  • Double Funnel PPT Template

Double Funnel PowerPoint Template is a two-way funnel diagram showing account-based marketing (ABM) and demand generation processes. It features sales and marketing topics with a double funnel diagram. A normal funnel diagram template illustrates the lead generation process and sales process. A double funnel template will expand after the fourth step of sales, and the lead funnel will show a post-purchase cycle. In the funnel template, the presenters can add four phases of the customer journey on the left side of the funnel and the post-purchase process in steps on the right-hand side of the diagram.

The sale or lead generation funnel PPT display awareness, interest, consideration, and preference, whereas the post-purchase cycle, shows service, support, loyalty, and advocacy. The funnel slide highlighting individuals' steps will provide a neat, clean view of a horizontal process flow for business concepts.

The double funnel template for the PowerPoint presentation is in an hourglass layout in a horizontal format. Each steps step shows how filtering occurs in a lead funnel. The two slides in black and white PPT background have filled with different color combinations with the funnel layers. It could use as a demand generation funnel with eight steps. Besides, the color combination allows you to exploit the audience's attention with your intent. The presenters can simply edit graphics by changing shapes and color effects. Try out the double funnel template PowerPoint to show two marketing concepts within the range of a cool funnel diagram.